Government Need Proper Contingency Measures To Defend Steel Industry From Harm

Today in the House I asked the Government what they are doing to defend the steel industry from harm following changes to the EU Emissions Trading System Register. Without UK government action the steel industry could face millions of pounds of additional costs. Continue reading

Big Ben Renovation Is Fast Becoming A Symbol Of This Government's Indifferent And Incompetent Approach To Our Steel Industry

I questioned the House of Commons Commission about the steel used in the renovation of Big Ben.  Big Ben is seen as symbol of our country around the world, but its renovation is fast becoming a symbol of this government’s indifferent and incompetent approach to our steel industry. British steelworkers make the best steel that money can buy, and what’s more they make it right here on our doorstep. If given the right information and sufficient lead-time by the customer, then they can and always deliver. Read my question and the response I received below.  Continue reading

Aberavon MP Stephen Kinnock Cautiously Welcomes News Of Joint Venture

Commenting on today's news of the joint venture between Thyssenkrupp and Tata Steel, Stephen Kinnock, Member of Parliament for Aberavon, home of the Port Talbot steelworks, said: "In principle I welcome this news as it brings together two giants of the European steel industry, creating the sort of scale and synergies that could potentially deliver significant competitive advantage.  Continue reading

Tata Steel Pensions

Aberavon MP calls on trustees to provide BSPS members with all required information, welcomes potential end to uncertainty and hails commitment of workforce to standing up for the steel industry, but it is about time we saw similar commitment from the government Continue reading

Steel Of UK Origin

  I tabled a written parliamentary question to the Ministry of Defence asking them about introducing a certificate of origin on steel used in construction, a call that was made in the Steel 2020 report. You can read their response below. Continue reading

Steel In Type 26 Frigates

I tabled questions to the Ministry of Defence on the steel that they are using to build the Type-26 frigates and below is the response that I received: Continue reading

Steel To Be Used In Type 26 Frigates

Commenting on reports following the tabling of his Written Questions regarding the steel to be used in Type-26 Frigates and announcements from BAE, Stephen Kinnock, Member of Parliament for Aberavon, home of the Port Talbot steelworks, said: Continue reading

British Steel In The New Type 26 Frigates

During questions to the Ministry of Defence I asked them about the use of British steel in the new Type 26 frigates: Continue reading

What Is The Prime Minister Doing To Ensure China Starts Playing By The Rules?

The Prime Minster attended the House of Commons today to answer questions on the G20 summit that took place last week. I questioned her on her discussions with China's President Xi and action over Chinese steel: Continue reading

Aberavon MP hails package to secure a sustainable future for the British steel industry and commitment of workforce

Commenting on today’s news that the Tata Steel UK workforce in Port Talbot and across the United Kingdom have voted to accept the deal to restructure the British Steel Pension Scheme and see Tata invest in the long term future of the UK business, Stephen Kinnock, Member of Parliament for Aberavon said: Continue reading