Government Stake in Tata Steel's UK operations

Today the UK and Welsh Governments have announced a package of support including pledging taking upto a 25% stake in any takeover of Tata's UK Strip Products operations. UK Government Press Release I welcome this move from the British and Welsh governments. It is an indication of how far the British government has moved in recent weeks and months, indeed it is fair to say that it is a long overdue U-turn. This announcement has come as the result of the relentless pressure that Labour MPs and the steel unions have been exerting within and outside Westminster, exemplified by the fact that we have raised the issue 208 times in the Chamber since the General Election. Continue reading

Management Buy-Out

Ever since Tata Steel decided to sell its Strip Products UK business I have felt that a management buy-out (MBO), based on the proposals that are outlined in the turn-around plan, was the right way to go in principle. But of course the MBO has to have the right team and the right financial backing, if it is to work in practice. That is why the due diligence phase of the sale process will be so important, and why I am very concerned about the tight time-line that Tata Steel has set out. It is vital that Tata Steel delivers on its promise to be a responsible seller, and that the government ensures that this is the case. Continue reading

The Steel Crisis Is Not A Political Football But A National Emergency

Progress The parliamentary Labour party has raised the steel crisis in parliament 208 times since the general election. From urgent questions to opposition day debates to ministerial questions to PMQs and Westminster Hall, we have deployed every tool in the parliamentary toolbox to hold the government to account. But our parliamentary work is the tip of the iceberg. Community union’s Save Our Steel campaign has had a huge impact, playing out on our televisions, and on the streets of towns and cities all over the country. The Labour movement has shown, in no uncertain terms, that when we stand together we truly are the Voice Of Working Britain. We have shown, in stark contrast to the government, that we will strain every sinew to stand up for the 15,000 steelworkers and the 25,000-strong supply chain workforce whose futures are hanging in the balance. We have demonstrated the cost of inaction, and exposed the failings of free market dogma. Continue reading

Tata Steel Order Book

My written Parliamentary question to the Secretary of State for Wales on securing the order book for Tata Steel: Continue reading

Retaining The Order Book And Customer Base Is Critical For The Welsh Steel Industry

    My question to the Secretary of State for Wales about importance of retaining the order book and customer base at Port Talbot steel works: Stephen Kinnock (Aberavon) (Lab): What steps the Government are taking to support the steel industry in Wales. Continue reading

Emergency debate on Steel

My speech from the Emergency debate today Continue reading

UK Government would rather cosy up to Beijing than stand up for British steelworkers

 Stephen Kinnock (Aberavon) (Lab) Before I start, I want to pay tribute to the 13 steelworkers who are in the Public Gallery today along with the outstanding general secretary of the Community union, Roy Rickhuss. I also want to join the Secretary of State in paying tribute to Carwyn Jones, who has been doing a fantastic job. What a contrast to the British Government. Continue reading

Boris Johnson: Man of steel

The Times Just over a month ago Boris Johnson discovered that he’s a Brexiteer. And only a few weeks later he’s come out as a Man of Steel. Two damascene conversions in one month. Could it be a record? Building on his well-established track record as a passionate defender of working people, Boris has cast himself as the saviour of British steelworkers, bravely doing battle on their behalf against the evil European Union. Ah yes, Boris has well and truly found the nearest telephone box, stepped inside, and re-emerged as a Man of Steel. It would all be quite amusing, if it wasn’t so serious. Continue reading

Boris is playing politics with steel workers' lives, says Port Talbot MP

Sun Tory bungler Boris Johnson has suddenly discovered he cares about British steel. Just as last month he suddenly discovered he was in favour of leaving the EU. This man’s opportunism knows no bounds. Boris was in Wales today, but he didn’t come to Port Talbot – I’d guess the closest the Blonde Opportunist has ever even come to my constituency is a Ken Clarke style drive-by. Continue reading

The Government's Response To The Steel Crisis Has Been A Mixture Of Incompetence And Indifference

From The Sunday Mirror With the steel crisis of this week we have seen the Tory government at its incompetent and indifferent worst, and it is my constituents and thousands like them all over the UK who are paying the price.  That Tata would announce that they planned to sell the steelworks was always likely. Of course we hoped that they would back the turnaround plan, that is why Roy Ruckhuss – the brilliant General Secretary of Community, the steelworkers Union – and I went out to Mumbai. We saw this coming, Mirror readers, thanks to the brilliant Save Our Steel Campaign, could see it coming, and the government should have seen this coming too. While Roy and I were meeting with and pressing Tata to accept the turnaround plan, where were the Business Secretary and Prime Minister? The Prime Minister was away, and Sajid Javid had jetted off to Australia.  Apparently it never crossed any of their minds to join our delegation to Mumbai. Continue reading