Triggering Article 50

On the day that the Prime Minister sent her letter to Brussels, triggering Article 50, I questioned her on the contents of the letter and in particular about the security of our country.  Continue reading

EU Scrutiny Committee - David Jones & Sir Tim Barrow

Sir Tim Barrow, the UK ambassador to the EU, and The Rt Hon David Jones MP, Minister of State at the Department for Exiting the European Union, appeared before the EU Scrutiny Committee and I was able to question them on how prepared the other 27 EU institutions are for the Brexit negotiations and about the timetable for leaving the EU. You can read my contribution below. Continue reading

EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill

As the EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill returned to the Commons from the Lords, I was able to intervene in the Minister's statement: Continue reading

St David's Day Debate 2017

Today the House of Commons held its annual St David's Day debate and I spoke about Brexit, steel and the boundary review. Continue reading

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill - Clauses

For the third reading of the EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill, Labour tabled a number of targeted amendments that were debated, and voted upon. Our amendments were not about delaying or preventing Article 50 being triggered because we respect and accept the outcome of the referendum result. They were aimed at ensuring that the government consults Parliament in an appropriate and timely manner, and they were also designed to ensure that we protect the security, jobs and livelihoods of the British people. I supported the following amendments: Continue reading

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill

As Parliament continued to debate the triggering of Article 50, I intervened in Yvette Cooper's speech: Continue reading

Real choice facing us: an interim deal that truly protects the national interest, or a WTO Brexit that will have a catastrophic impact

Parliament have finally been able to debate the triggering of Article 50 after the Government brought forward the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill. After a long wait in the Chamber for what was a popular debate I made the following contribution: Continue reading

On Brexit Parliament Should Be Holding The Government To Account But Not To Ransom

  South Wales Evening Post ‘Taking back control’ was at the very heart of the argument to leave the EU, but unfortunately Theresa May's shambolic approach means that six months on from the referendum we are still none the wiser when it comes to the type of Brexit the UK government is planning to negotiate. It is therefore high time that the Prime Minister brings her plan to Parliament. The British people need and deserve to know how their government is planning to handle this immensely complex process, arguably the most important political challenge since the Second World War. Continue reading

The people have spoken – threats to block article 50 are just toxic

LabourList Imagine the polls had been right: a remain victory with 52% of the vote. Cue sigh of relief from pundits and pollsters – those 2015 election polls were just an aberration. But then, who pops up on our screens? None other than Nigel Farage, declaring, just five months on (ok, it probably would’ve taken him about five minutes) that the result was too close to be definitive: “Look at the polls now’, he’d proclaim, ‘they show people have changed their minds. We shall clearly need a second referendum in a couple of years.” What would our response have been? We’d have called him a sore loser: “Nigel, you don’t seem to understand how democracy works. You lost. Get over it“ Only, that’s not what happened. Britain voted leave. Yes it was close, but it was clear. Continue reading

Article 50 Statement

During the Government statement on Article 50 today, I asked David Davis MP a question:  Stephen Kinnock: Does the Secretary of State  agree that nobody is above the law, not even his own government? Continue reading