Without UK Institutions To Take On The Job Of EU Agencies, We Will See Fundamental Rights, Protections And Regulations Being Removed By The Back Door Having Been Rendered Unenforceable.

I tabled an amendment to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill to stop vital rights, freedoms and protections vanishing by the backdoor. I spoke about the amendment and that unless we have UK bodies to carry out the function of existing EU bodies, we'll see rights, freedoms and protections disappear by the back door without anyone there to enforce them. You can watch my speech below.  Continue reading

Letter to David Davis - EU Agencies

I have written to the Minister for Exiting the European Union about the government's plans to manage the UK's relationship with EU agencies through any transition and after exiting the European Union.  According to the House of Commons there are a number of EU agencies that have no provision for the membership, participation, observer status or even cooperation with third countries.  You can read my letter below Continue reading

Financial Settlement Is Contingent Only On The Withdrawal Agreement And The Transitional Arrangements, Not On The Future Partnership

The Prime Minister returned to the House of Commons to update the House on the agreement she reached with the EU in the Brexit negotiations. I asked her about the financial settlement: Continue reading

Exiting EU Committee Armagh Session

I spent a fascinating day in Northern Ireland with the Committee for Exiting the European Union. The border issue is about so much more than trade. It is about identity, community and peace. In the committee session I asked Deputy Chief Constable Drew Harris, PSNI and Simon York, Director, HMRC Fraud Investigation Service, about the co-operation needed with our EU partners and the impact on security.  Continue reading

Brexit Impact Assessment Papers

  The Permanent Secretary for the Department for Exiting the EU, Philip Rycroft, appeared before the Committee for Exiting the EU and I asked him about the Brexit impact assessment papers. Continue reading

Exiting EU Committee Questions Head Of HMRC

The Head of HM Revenue and Customs appeared in front of the Committee for Exiting the European Union. I asked him about how much of HMRC's time is being absorbed by the EU referendum result and the cost of it. You can read the exchange below Continue reading

Brexit Minister Should Withdraw Remark And Apologise For Misleading Comments

Today Labour dragged the Government to the Commons to answer Urgent Questions on why they had only released redacted copies of the Brexit impact reports. The reports need to be published in their entirety, as Parliament's motion instructed that they should be. During Urgent Questions I called on the Brexit Minister David Davis MP to withdraw his remarks and apologise for his misleading comments about assurances he gave to the Committee on Exiting the European Union and it's Chair Hilary Benn MP.  Continue reading

We Need To Ensure We Anchor The Rights Of Our Workforce In The Bill

I spoke in the debate on the EU Withdrawal Bill about the need to amend the Bill to enshrine workplace rights and give Parliament say on EEA membership. EEA and EFTA would give unfettered single market access, opportunity to reform free movement, no European Court of Justice jurisdiction & ability to strike trade deals.  Continue reading

Can The Government Confirm Once And For All That The Transition Deal Is On The Basis Of ECJ Jurisdiction?

As the EU Withdrawal Bill made its way through Parliament I intervened in the debate to call on the Government to confirm, once and for all, that the transition deal is on the basis of the European Court of Justice jurisdiction. Continue reading

Brexit Secretary And His Party Still Don't Seem To Realise What A Transition Deal Will Actually Mean

On the day that the Brexit Secretary announced that Parliament would have a meaningful vote on Brexit, I questioned him on whether he and his Party realise what a transition deal will actually mean. Continue reading