EU Scrutiny Committee - Liam Fox

Today, I asked Liam Fox MP a question on the difficulties the UK could face when securing a trade deal with EU. A transcript is below along with a video of the question during the session. Continue reading

Brexit and EU funding for Wales

I secured a debate in Westminster Hall this morning on the effect of the UK leaving the EU on funding for Wales. My opening remarks are below along with a video of the debate. A full transcript of the proceedings can be found on Hansard here. Continue reading

‘We’ve got to have a plan for Brexit but right now it’s a shambles’

Politics Home- In the early hours of the morning of 24 June, just as it had become clear that Britain had clearly voted to leave the European Union, the first question in Stephen Kinnock’s mind was: “What is this going to mean for these vitally important funds that have been coming into my country and my constituency?” Continue reading

Six Tests The Government Must Pass

If everything goes according to Theresa May’s plan, Britain will leave the European Union in less than 30 months. The British people have voted and, after a summer of silence, the Prime Minister has finally set the timer for negotiations. But whilst it’s true that the countdown has begun, it is clear that neither the government or the country have any cogent idea of what May plans for their future. Her incantation ‘Brexit means Brexit’ must surely be the most vacuous phrase in modern political history. Continue reading

It is 'genuinely possible' that Brexit could take 10 years

Part three of my interview with Business Insider on Brexit: Continue reading

Theresa May is bulldozing parliamentary democracy

Brexit is becoming an exercise in bureaucratic manipulation. Read my article in Prospect Magazine. Continue reading

We Must Find A Path To Brexit That Is Driven By The National Interest

I spoke in the Opposition Day Debate on leaving the EU about the need to secure an exit deal for Britain that works for the country not just to appease warring factions in the Tory party. To achieve that the Prime Minister must have confidence in Parliament to scrutinise the Brexit process. You can read my contribution to the debate below. Continue reading

It would be 'betrayal' not to let Parliament vote on Article 50

Part one of my interview with Business Insider on Brexit: Continue reading

Securing Britain’s approach to Putin’s Russia is critical post-Brexit

The Times When the Olympic track and field events get under way in Rio next week the sizeable contingent of Russian athletes will be missing. Given that they are banned as a result of the long overdue exposure of a state-sponsored Russian doping programme, it may seem odd to us in the west that Vladimir Putin should protest that his athletes have been subject to ‘blatant discrimination’. But most Russians will back him wholeheartedly – even if he does not truly believe it himself. Sporting achievement is a deeply important part of the Russian psyche; and in Russian politics impulse and emotion are far more important than we realise. Russians’ understanding of their nation’s relationship with the west is steeped in decades of angst and suspicion, as well as the ancient belief that Mother Russia has historically been denied the respect she deserves. I have written in these pages before that we must understand this national mentality if we are to achieve the sort of respect-based realism that the UK-Russian relationship demands. Continue reading