European Economic Area And The Single Market Are Not Synonymous

During the debate on alternatives to a no-deal outcome in negotiations with the EU, I made the point that the European Economic Area (EEA) and the single market are not the same thing. Continue reading

No Deal Is No Option

In a Westminster Hall debate on alternatives to a no-deal outcome in negotiations with the EU, I argued that a no deal is not an option and that we should push for an EEA/EFTA Brexit.  Continue reading

Immigration Minister Appears In Front Of EU Scrutiny Committee

The Immigration Minister appeared in front of the EU Scrutiny Committee and I questioned her about the way the government and Prime Minister have contradicted themselves on transition and immigration, explaining how this shows that they are more interested in posturing than they are in negotiating a Brexit that works for Britain and protects citizens and their rights. You can watch the exchange below. Continue reading

EU And EEA Member States

The Committee On Exiting The European Union looked at the relationship between the EU, Norway and the European Economic Area. Appearing in front of the Committee was Professor Alla Pozdnakova, University of Oslo Law Faculty; Ulf Sverdrup, Director, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs;  and Professor George Yarrow, Chair of the Regulatory Policy Institute, Emeritus Fellow at Hertford College, University of Oxford and visiting Professor, Newcastle University Business School.  The Committee also got the chance to examine Professor Carl Baudenbacher, Judge on the EFTA Court. Continue reading

European Free Trade Association

A debate was held in Westminster Hall on the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). In the debate I called for an EEA EFTA Brexit, a deal that can reunite the country and give a voice to the silent majority with a Brexit that lets us take back control and protects jobs, opportunity and prosperity.  Continue reading

EEA and Swiss Model

As part of its work scrutinising the Brexit negotiations and the UK's relationship with the EU once we have left, the Committee for Exiting the EU looked at the EU's relationship with Switzerland. In the session I concentrated on how the movement of people works for the Swiss. Continue reading

UK Risks Missing Brexit Boat

From the moment Theresa May announced her intention to trigger Article 50, it’s been clear that we were in a race against time. But few seem to realize that we have less than two months in which to land the most important and complex deal in our post-war history. The reality is that the British government has six weeks to decide on the basic model that will define the shape and nature of U.K.-EU relations for generations to come. Continue reading

Parliamentarians Requesting Information Are Not Betraying Our Country, We Are Simply Trying To Do Our Job And Stand Up For Our Constituents

In the House of Commons Chamber I called for the Government to release the Brexit impact papers, a common sense EEA/EFTA Brexit and a new kind of politics. The debate was an important moment where the government were  forced into releasing the Brexit impact papers. It is vital we have the information required to do our job. Continue reading

EU Association Agreements

After looking in to the CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) negotiations and agreement, the Committee for Exiting the EU have been looking at the EU's Association Agreements, which create a framework for co-operation between the EU and non-EU countries. Representatives from Georgia and the Ukraine appeared before the committee to tell us of their experiences with the EU. Continue reading

My Question About The Brexit Implementation Period

I questioned the Brexit Minister about the nature of the Brexit transition period. The response I had was sad and pathetic, where the Minister tried to impugn my motives. Continue reading