Calling For A Meeting With Minister Over Post-Brexit Funding

As Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Post-Brexit Funding for Nations, Regions and Local Areas, I called on the Minister to meet with the Group to discuss the findings of our report. Our report called for UK Shared Prosperity Fund to pay "not be a penny less" than current EU funding & warned against Westminster power grab.

Mr Speaker: This one-sentence model could catch on; that would be splendid. I call Stephen Kinnock.

Wes Streeting: No chance.

Stephen Kinnock: No pressure there at all. Question 23, Mr Speaker.

Mr Speaker: Don’t look quite so surprised, man—it’s your question.

Stephen Kinnock: But may I blend it with topical question 1?

Mr Speaker: No, but you can blurt it out on the question with which we were dealing, if you want. Unburden yourself, man.

Stephen Kinnock: 23. Thank you for setting the stage for me so well, Mr Speaker. I am proud to chair the all-party parliamentary group for post-Brexit funding for nations, regions and local areas. It is vital that we have a fair settlement for the regions that need it most as we transition from EU funding to post-Brexit funding. Will the Chancellor of the Exchequer or the Minister responsible meet the APPG to discuss this vital issue? 

Elizabeth Truss: I would be delighted to meet the hon. Gentleman and colleagues to discuss this important issue.