Committee for Exiting the EU

Brexit Impact Assessment Papers

  The Permanent Secretary for the Department for Exiting the EU, Philip Rycroft, appeared before the Committee for Exiting the EU and I asked him about the Brexit impact assessment papers. Continue reading

Exiting EU Committee Questions Head Of HMRC

The Head of HM Revenue and Customs appeared in front of the Committee for Exiting the European Union. I asked him about how much of HMRC's time is being absorbed by the EU referendum result and the cost of it. You can read the exchange below Continue reading

Brexit Minister Should Withdraw Remark And Apologise For Misleading Comments

Today Labour dragged the Government to the Commons to answer Urgent Questions on why they had only released redacted copies of the Brexit impact reports. The reports need to be published in their entirety, as Parliament's motion instructed that they should be. During Urgent Questions I called on the Brexit Minister David Davis MP to withdraw his remarks and apologise for his misleading comments about assurances he gave to the Committee on Exiting the European Union and it's Chair Hilary Benn MP.  Continue reading

Committee For Exiting The European Union Questions David Davis

The Committee for Exiting the European Union were given the chance to question David Davis MP, the Minister for Exiting the EU. I took the opportunity to ask him about a transition arrangement and the potential of a no deal scenario. You can read the exchange below. Continue reading