Diabetes Awareness Week

Member of Parliament for Aberavon Leads Local Campaign to Raise Diabetes Awareness

Stephen Kinnock, the Member of Parliament for Aberavon has nominated a local pharmacy to carry out diabetes testing during Diabetes Awareness Week. Testing will be run at Boots Pharmacy at Aberafan Shopping Centre from 12th – 18 June in an effort to increase diabetes awareness and aid easy access to testing for patients.

Stephen Kinnock MP said:                                   

“Diabetes, obesity and other preventable conditions present a drastic threat for the future of our National Health Service, and affect millions of people across the UK.

Diabetes has an enormous human and economic impact in the UK. A total of 4 million people have the condition and 10% of UK health expenditure is spent on diabetes (£10 billion). Even more shocking is that 80% of this money is spent on avoidable complications. The latest statistics show that 12% of adults with diabetes are undiagnosed.

This is why I am so proud that we are doing our part in Aberavon to raise awareness of diabetes by encouraging constituents to get themselves tested at their local pharmacy during Diabetes Awareness Week. I would like to thank Boots for taking part in this initiative.”