Dic Penderyn - Posthumous Pardon

Kinnock Dismayed At Decision Not To Grant A Posthumous Pardon For Dic Penderyn

  Aberavon MP, Stephen Kinnock, has expressed his dismay at the Ministry of Justice’s decision not to grant Dic Penderyn a posthumous pardon. In July Mr Kinnock led a delegation which included descendants of Dic Penderyn and campaigners from Aberavon and Merthyr to present a petition calling for the Aberavon-born miner to be exonerated.  Continue reading

Stephen Kinnock Leads Delegation To Ministry Of Justice To Call For Posthumous Pardon For Dic Penderyn

Aberavon MP, Stephen Kinnock, has led a delegation of campaigners to the Ministry of Justice to deliver a 600 signature strong petition calling for the posthumous pardon for Dic Penderyn. 185 years after Penderyn was sentenced to death for his part in the 1831 Merthyr uprising and the stabbing of Lance Corporal Donald Black, a reception was held to commemorate the Welsh working class martyr in Parliament. Continue reading

Open Letter

Richard Lewis, aka Dic Penderyn, was born and spent his childhood in Aberavon. He is also buried in Aberavon, having been involved in the Merthyr Uprisings and subsequently put to death by the authorities on the basis of a trial that is widely believed to be a tragic miscarriage of justice. Continue reading

Letter to the Lord Chancellor

Following on from his Maiden Speech Stephen wrote to the Lord Chancellor calling for a pardon for Dic Penderyn. Read Stephen's letter by clicking on the link below. Letter to the Lord Chancellor

Call For A Pardon

I took the opportunity to call for a posthumous pardon in my maiden speech: "In Aberavon we like to connect our proud history to our promising present and ambitious future. It is in that spirit that I wish to join those calling on the Ministry of Justice for the posthumous pardon of Dic Penderyn, a miner and son of Aberavon hanged in 1831 for his part in the Merthyr uprisings."  Continue reading