Government's Industrial Strategy


After launching the Steel 2020 Report I headed to the Commons chamber to question Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, on why steel only had a fleeting mention in the Government's Industrial Strategy:

Stephen Kinnock: Given the vital nature of steel as a foundation industry, it is pretty astonishing that it gets only one passing mention on about page 100 of this Green Paper. May I commend to the Secretary of State the report “Steel 2020”, which was produced by the all-party group on steel and metal-related industries? May I ask him to read it and perhaps come to a future meeting of the all-party group so that he can explain why steel has not been given a sector deal in the Green Paper, and why it seems to have been airbrushed out of the strategy so far?

Greg Clark: I am afraid that the hon. Gentleman talks nonsense. I have had very cordial and successful meetings with the steel industry, and it is excited about the prospects of working strategically for its future. I have had the pleasure of attending meetings of the all-party group in the past, and I look forward to doing so again.