September 2018 Newsletter

My September newsletter is out now, with news from Aberavon and from Parliament. Continue reading

Austerity Has left councils At Breaking Point, Westminster Must Give Them The Money They Desperately Need

Theresa May claims to not have a magic money tree, but whenever she raids the back of the sofa she always comes up with the money she needs: there was the £1bn she found for Northern Ireland and then the £20.5bn for the NHS. Well now she needs to go back to that sofa and find the money for local government because without the resources they need councils are teetering on the cliff edge. Continue reading

Let's Send Mr Putin A Clear Message: British People Will No Longer Tolerate Brazen & Reckless Actions Of Your Regime

Speaking in the debate on the Salisbury Incident, I spoke about my time in Russia, the UK's relationship with Russia and the need to send Mr Putin a clear message: the British people will no longer tolerate the brazen and reckless actions of your regime, and we will no longer tolerate the way in which you and your cronies use London as a laundromat for your ill-gotten gains. Continue reading

No Reason Why UK Cannot Take Unilateral National Action On The Basis Of Magnitsky Amendment

The fact that Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have all taken unilateral action, implementing their Magnitsky legislation, clearly demonstrates that there is no reason why the United Kingdom cannot do the same. Government needs to explain why they have not taken unilateral national action. Continue reading

Government Hiding Behind The EU Won't Wash

It has been four months since the Magnitsky amendment was passed in the House, yet the Government have done absolutely nothing to implement the legislation. The Government are hiding behind the EU but Lithuania is an EU member-state and is pushing through unilateral sanctions targeting Russia individuals (which go beyond a travel ban) on basis of Magnitsky legislation. Continue reading

New book: 'Spirit of Britain, Purpose of Labour' published

Download the book here Our country is more polarised than at any time since the Second World War – by age, education, place and wealth - but above all by values. On one side of the Great Values Divide we have the Cosmopolitans – typically university educated, urban, highly mobile and confident in the modern, globalised world. On the other the Communitarians – often non-graduates who value familiarity, security and community, and have experienced the profound changes of the last 40 years as loss.  The EU referendum deepened these divides; the 2017 General Election entrenched them. Continue reading

Committee For Exiting the European Union Hears From Michel Barnier

The Committee for Exiting the European Union visited Brussels after the summer recess and heard from Michel Barnier, Chief Negotiator, European Commission. I asked him about the Chequers proposal. Continue reading

Affordable Broadband In Aberavon

At questions to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, I called on the Government to tackle the cost of superfast broadband, for many the cost is prohibitive.  Continue reading

EU Scrutiny Committee - Dominic Raab

The Secretary of State for the Department for Exiting the European Union, Dominic Raab, appeared before the European Scrutiny Committee. I asked him about the Chequers deal and what is the Government's plan B.  Continue reading

Chequers Proposal Is Completely And Utterly Dead In The Water, What Is Plan B?

Barnier has ruled out May’s Chequers plan and Rabb should be ruling out a Canada-style deal which would have no solution to Irish border, & nothing on services – our biggest asset, but he failed to do so here. The only way forward is a unifying EEA-based Brexit. My question the to Brexit Minister: Continue reading