My Response To Sam Gyimah

In his letter to me the Minister has again failed to provide a suitable response to my concerns on the proposed location of the prison in Port Talbot. I have therefore written to him again urging him to provide a full and transparent explanation as to why the Baglan Industrial Park has been selected by the Ministry of Justice as its preferred site for the proposed Port Talbot prison. Mr Gyimah is also far too evasive on the subject of community consultation.  You can read my full letter below:     Continue reading

Sam Gyimah Response

During the General Election I received a response from Sam Gyimah to my concerns over the location of the proposed prison in Port Talbot: Continue reading

April 2017 Newsletter

My April newsletter is now out, with news from Aberavon and Parliament. You can subscribe to my mailing list to receive my newsletter each month here. Continue reading

Dissolution of Parliament

On Wednesday 3 May Parliament was dissolved and there are no Members of Parliament until after the General Election on 8 June. Therefore I am currently not an MP. This website was created when I was the MP. 

My response to Sam Gyimah - Prisons Minister

Deeply disappointed by Ministry of Justice response to my 23 March letter about the proposed prison. Not a single question answered. So I'm trying again - see the Ministry of Justice reply here, and my second attempt to get an answer from the minster. ---        

Aberavon MP and AM slam Prison Minister for failure to come clean on proposed prison

  Aberavon MP, Stephen Kinnock and Assembly Member, David Rees, wrote to Prisons Minister Sam Gyimah following the announcement on 22nd March of a new prison to be sited in Port Talbot, requesting information about the location and greater detail of the proposed prison. To their dismay the Prisons Minister failed to respond to their letter at all until Mr Kinnock raised the question in Parliament with the Secretary of State for Wales, Alan Cairns. Mr Kinnock’s questioning appeared to shake Mr Gyimah into action, because that very same day he sent what appeared to be a hastily drafted letter to both Mr Kinnock and Mr Rees. Continue reading

My Response To Ministry Of Justice

After waiting a month for a response from the Ministry of Justice, the one I received was unacceptable. It failed to answer the questions that I and constituents want answered. I have therefore written again to the Ministry of Justice which you can read below: Continue reading

Ministry Of Justice Response On Proposed Prison In Port Talbot

After raising, in the House of Commons, the proposals for a prison in Port Talbot I received the following response from the Ministry of Justice: Continue reading

Ignoring Brexit during this election would be a mistake

Photo: The Times / News Syndication Imagine driving through central London, at rush hour, with no traffic lights. Imagine the Merseyside derby (the fixture that has seen more red cards than any other in British football) being played without a referee. Imagine flights trying to land at Heathrow without any air traffic controllers. It probably would not end well, would it? And now imagine that Britain exits the European Union with no Article 50 deal, and no prospect of a trade deal -– the so-called World Trade Organisation (WTO) option. Much as we have all wished, even if just for a moment, that the offside rule did not exist, or that we could just jump that red light, ultimately we always come to see the value of rules, systems and the institutions that oversee them. Continue reading