European Scrutiny Committee Hears From Suella Braverman

Suella Braverman appeared before the European Scrutiny Committee to answer questions about the negotiations between the UK Government and the European Union regarding the UK’s exit from the European Union. Continue reading

European Scrutiny Committee Hears From Dominic Raab

Former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab MP appeared before the European Scrutiny Committee to answer questions about negotiations between the UK Government and the European Union regarding the UK’s exit from the European Union. Continue reading

Why Have Russians With Extremely Close Links To The Kremlin Been Allowed To Give £1 Million To The Conservatives?

In Prime Minister's Questions I asked David Lidington to explain why Russians with extremely close links to the Kremlin have been allowed to give £1 million to the Conservatives. Is it right that the British governing party is in hock to those so close to a hostile and corrupt foreign regime? Continue reading

Steelworkers Pensions Public Meeting

I attended a public meeting in the Twelve Knights about advice given to members of the British Steel Pension Scheme to transfer out of their final salary pension. Steelworkers were exposed to opportunistic and unscrupulous advisers who swooped in like vultures, exploiting the situation for their own financial gain.  Continue reading

NPT 1950s Women Meeting

It was great to be at a packed meeting of the NPT 1950s Women. These women have worked hard, paid-in their whole lives, and deserve to be treated with the respect they have earned. It was made absolutely clear in the meeting that the UK Government must now compensate women born in the 1950s for the way they have been misled and robbed of their state pension. Continue reading

Fire Training Centre

It was great to visit Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service's Earlswood Training Centre with David Rees AM, and good to meet the brave men and women providing a vitally important service to our community. 

Cwmafan Primary Visit

It was great to meet with Cwmafan Primary School Council. We had a great conversation about everything from problems with local littering to the life and times of Nelson Mandela. No shortage of budding Paxmans here! Continue reading

How The Murky World Of Campaign Finance Must Change

LabourList Our democracy is crumbling. The EU referendum exposed many of Britain’s flaws, but perhaps none more so than our creaking system of campaign finance. Drip by drip we have learnt about the extent to which our democratic system has been flooded with ‘dodgy’ money and dirty data. First Cambridge Analytica, the disgraced big data company using harvested Facebook data to sell elections to the highest bidder – a scandal that saw Facebook receive the maximum fine of £500,000. Then there was Leave.EU – the unofficial Brexit campaign bankrolled by the insurance tycoon Arron Banks – which was recently found guilty of “multiple breaches of electoral law“, fined £70,000 and referred to the Metropolitan Police for suspected criminal offences. In July 2018, Vote Leave – the official Brexit campaign – was fined £61,000 for co-ordinating with BeLeave, which was in turn fined £20,000. Continue reading

Meeting Martin Selmayr

The Committee for Exiting the EU had a useful meeting with Martin Selmayr, Secretary General of the EU Commission, in Brussels. He reiterated that the negotiations on the Withdrawal Agreement are closed. But he didn't rule out putting the Backstop assurance letters in the Withdrawal Agreement but asked Brexiteer MPs if they'd really back it if EU did! He also made clear that the Political Declaration is open and Norway Plus would help solve Irish Border

Third Divided Views, Common Future

Aberavon residents had another opportunity to speak with me about Brexit as I hosted my third Divided Views, Common Future meeting. The further along the Brexit road we go, the more there is to discuss. It was a fantastic, lively and engaging discussion, with a wide range of topics covered and lots of different views expressed. There was a consensus in the room that nobody wanted Aberavon to be worse off because of Brexit. Continue reading