A Norway plus-Based Brexit Would Be A Strong Compromise In The National Interest

As Parliament debated the Prime Minister's Brexit deal I spoke about respecting the referendum result and how Norway Plus is the best way to do that. The instruction given by 52:48 referendum vote is clear: move house, but stay in same neighbourhood. To leave EU's political project, but to retain full access to a market of 500 million consumers. Norway Plus meets those aims, introduces a safeguard on Freedom of Movement & solves the Irish border issue Continue reading

Norway Plus

Labour’s number one priority is to force a general election by tabling and winning a motion of no confidence in the government, and rightly so. However, if our motion of no confidence is not passed by the House of Commons, then we must be ready to explore all other steps and options. For over two years now i have been arguing for a Norway plus-based Brexit, and I am working with a cross-party group of MPs to achieve that aim. Below is an explanation of how Norway plus would work in practice. I hope that you find will it useful and informative. Please don’t hesitate to contact me by e-mail on stephen.kinnock.mp@parliament.uk, should you have any questions   Continue reading

Attorney General And Norway Plus Option

During questions to the Attorney General over the legal advice given on the Withdrawal Agreement I asked him about the Norway-plus option and the backstop. Continue reading

Brexit Secretary Appears Before Committee For Exiting The European Union

Before five days of debate on the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration on the Framework for the Future Relationship, the Brexit Secretary and Prime Minister's Europe Adviser appeared in front of the Committee For Exiting The European Union. I asked him about turning the political declaration into a binding international treaty, the Norway plus option and the need for the Prime Minister to have a plan b. Continue reading

Ukrainian Economy Is Being Strangled By The Economic Blockade

During Foreign and Commonwealth Office questions I asked about the situation in Crimea, the Ukrainian economy and the Magnitsky amendment.  Continue reading

Prime Minister Is Flogging A Dead Horse

In the Commons I told the PM that she is flogging a dead horse and I urged her to join forces with senior members of her own Cabinet to back Norway Plus. It protects jobs, gives immigration safeguards, solves NI, means we leave ECJ and helps reunite our deeply divided country Continue reading

Steelworkers Meeting In Parliament

A group of steelworkers visited Parliament to campaign for pension justice and compensation. Nick Smith, Tonia Antoniazzi and I brought them face to face with regulators: the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and Financial Conduct Authority. Continue reading

Committee For Exiting The EU Examines The Political Declaration

When the Committee examined the political declaration I asked about the transition period and negotiating a future relationship with the European Union, as well as the UK changing direction and going for an EEA-based Brexit. Continue reading

Ask Her To Stand

It was lovely meeting my constituent Nicola Irwin who was visiting Parliament on the centenary of the Qualifications of Women Act and the Ask Her To Stand day. The day was designed to encourage and give women the confidence to stand for elected office either locally or nationally. It is inspiring to know that the hundreds of women visiting Parliament today may one day be sitting in the House! 

Brexit Impact On Security Policy Development

The Committee for Exiting the European Union examined the impact of Brexit on security policy, it heard from Camino Mortera-Martinez, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform and Sir Rob Wainwright, former Executive Director, Europol. I asked about and EEA-based Brexit, extradition and access to the EU justice and home affairs databases Continue reading