I would dearly like to live in a world without nuclear weapons, but we must engage with the world as it is, not how we would like it to be. Deterrence has kept the peace for over 70 years.

  Today I spoke in the debate on renewing Trident: I rise to speak in favour of the motion, for the following reasons. First, it is the policy on which I was elected. My Labour colleagues and I were elected on the basis of a manifesto commitment to support the retention of an independent nuclear deterrent, and that is what we must do tonight. Continue reading

Steel is a foundation industry, the beating heart of our communities. Brexit needs to work for the industry and its workforce

Today I spoke in the Westminster Hall on the implications for the UK steel industry of the EU Referendum outcome. I pay tribute to my hon. Friend the Member for Cardiff South and Penarth (Stephen Doughty) for securing today’s debate. I also pay tribute to the fantastic workforce of steelworkers across the country, many of whom are represented here with us today. It is an honour to have those gentlemen here. Continue reading

Cross-Party Approach Needed To Deal With Brexit

Today I called on the Minister to set up a special parliamentary Committee to bring a cross-party approach to dealing with Brexit. Stephen Kinnock (Aberavon): The referendum has been a deeply divisive process that has divided city against town, community against community and nation against nation.  Continue reading

Employment And Support Allowance - Long-Term And Degenerative Conditions

My written Parliamentary question to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions on those on Employment and Support Allowance with long-term and degenerative conditions: Continue reading

Personal Independence Payment - Appeals And Reviews

My written Parliamentary question to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions on the review and appeals system for Personal Independence Payments: Continue reading

Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice

My written Parliamentary question to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions on the impact the new Personal Independence Payments would have on advice services like Citizens Advice: Continue reading

Steel: Preserving sustainable jobs and growth in Europe

  Five committees (Business, Innovation & Skills, Energy & Climate Change, European Scrutiny, Welsh Affairs, and Work & Pensions) grilled Anna Soubry on steel and the impact of a Brexit. Topics included the lesser duty rule, steel exports to Europe, Chinese dumping, state aid, and the pension scheme going into the pension protection fund. You can read my contribution to the debate below: Continue reading

Tata Pension Fund

  Today I asked Anna Soubry MP for an update on the Tata Steel pension consultation. Stephen Kinnock (Aberavon): The issue of pensions is very important in the context of not just BHS, but Tata Steel. The consultation finished on 23 June. Will the Minister please update the House on where we are with the pensions scheme, and also reflect on the fact that the trade unions and many others have said that putting that scheme into the Pension Protection Fund would be a complete disaster? Continue reading

Jo Cox Tribute

Mr Speaker, Jo and I have been friends for over twenty years, and we have had a wonderful 12 months sharing an office since our election last May. Continue reading

My Friend Jo Cox

Yesterday Jo Cox was murdered doing what she has dedicated her life to: serving the people. Before entering Parliament, Jo fought tirelessly for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged around the world. And in her year in Parliament Jo showed tremendous leadership, standing up for the Syrian people, working across party lines, bringing people together, and making the world a better place.  Jo never stopped fighting for what is right, and for those who needed a voice. She exemplified not only the best values of our Party, but also of our country: internationalism, compassion and solidarity. In the year that Jo and I have been in Parliament together we have shared an office and many good times together. For me, our little corner of Portcullis House will, quite simply, never be the same again.  I’ll miss Jo's raucous laugh, her infectious good humour, her relentless optimism and her relentless tenacity. Today, not only have the people of Britain lost one of the best MPs we have, not only have I lost a dear friend, but most tragically, Jo’s family have lost a loving mother, wife and daughter. I will miss her immensely, but above all, my thoughts are with Brendan, their children and the rest of her family.