Why Does She Not Pivot To The Norway-Plus Option Today?

During Prime Minister's Questions I asked if the Prime Minister was serious about doing away with the Northern Irish backstop, and doesn't want to extend Article 50, then why doesn't she pivot to the Norway-Plus option which eliminates the need for both these things? Continue reading

Northern Ireland And A No Deal Brexit

Chris Heaton-Harris MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Exiting the European Union, appeared before the Committee for Exiting the European Union. I asked the Minister responsible for No Deal planning if he has conducted any research into the possible effects of No Deal on potential calls for reunification in Ireland, given possibility of an Irish Referendum under the Good Friday Agreement. Continue reading

If The Prime Minister's Deal Is Voted Down, Will She Give The House A Vote On A Range Of Options?

At Prime Ministers questions I asked the Prime Minister if, after her deal falls, she'll hold indicative votes to understand what Brexit might be supported by MPs.  The options would include Common Market 2.0 As usual she failed to answer. Continue reading

Common Market 2.0 - Alternative Brexit Plan

On the day that the cross-party Norway Plus Group of MPs published a major report advocating ‘Common Market 2.0’ - a plan to reset the UK-Europe relationship for the 21st Century, I set out why this is an alternative Brexit plan. Continue reading

Government Must Stop Burying Their Heads In The Sand And Wake Up To The Reality On Social Security

I spoke in the debate on the cumulative impact of the Government's changes to the social security system. It has caused real misery and hardship for many of my constituents. It's time the Government woke up to this reality and commissioned a cumulative impact assessment.  Continue reading

Social Security System Is Not Only Callous And Cruel, It Is Not Value For Money

Early in the debate on the cumulative impact of changes to the social security system I intervenes on the high rate of PIP and ESA decisions that are overturned on appeal. Continue reading

Parliament Won't Be Bullied Into Backing May's Deal With Empty Threats Of No Deal

Labour secured an emergency debate in Parliament about the Government's preparations for a No Deal Brexit. During the debate I cited the Committee for Exiting the EU evidence that No Deal is a charade. Ports and hospitals are not ready. The EU is not ready. Parliament won't be bullied into backing May's deal with empty threats of No Deal. It's a false choice.  Continue reading

Norway Plus And The Backstop

As the Prime Minister returned to the House of Commons following the EU summit I asked her about the Norway-plus option and the backstop.  Continue reading

A Norway plus-Based Brexit Would Be A Strong Compromise In The National Interest

As Parliament debated the Prime Minister's Brexit deal I spoke about respecting the referendum result and how Norway Plus is the best way to do that. The instruction given by 52:48 referendum vote is clear: move house, but stay in same neighbourhood. To leave EU's political project, but to retain full access to a market of 500 million consumers. Norway Plus meets those aims, introduces a safeguard on Freedom of Movement & solves the Irish border issue Continue reading

Norway Plus

Labour’s number one priority is to force a general election by tabling and winning a motion of no confidence in the government, and rightly so. However, if our motion of no confidence is not passed by the House of Commons, then we must be ready to explore all other steps and options. For over two years now i have been arguing for a Norway plus-based Brexit, and I am working with a cross-party group of MPs to achieve that aim. Below is an explanation of how Norway plus would work in practice. I hope that you find will it useful and informative. Please don’t hesitate to contact me by e-mail on stephen.kinnock.mp@parliament.uk, should you have any questions   Continue reading