Committee For Exiting The European Union Focuses On Science, Research, And Higher Education

The Committee for Exiting the EU heard evidence from Professor Michael Arthur, Chair, Russell Group EU Advisory Group, Professor Richard Brook OBE, President, Association for Innovation, Research and Technology Organisations, Dr Sarah Main, Executive Director, Campaign for Science and Engineering and Dr Beth Thompson MBE, Head of Policy (UK and EU), Wellcome Trust.  I asked them about how Brexit had affected the dynamic of the relationship between UK and EU institutions, and the UK's ability to shape Framework Programme 9, the EU's future research and innovation programmes. Continue reading

Urgent Question On Gaza

I participated in the Urgent Questions on Gaza today, pushing the Minister on the fact that condemnation of Israel with words alone is of little use. I challenged him to support banning trade with businesses operating out of the illegally occupied territories of the West Bank. Continue reading

It Could Take Two Years For EU To Give UK An ‘Adequacy Decision’ Under GDPR Regulations

In the Committee on Exiting the EU my questioning revealed it could take two years for EU to give UK an ‘Adequacy Decision’ under General Data Protection Regulation. This could hinder free flow of data to and from EU after Brexit. It's vital work is done now to prepare us for this process to avoid disruption. Continue reading

Committee For Exiting The European Union Asks About The Parliamentary Vote On Withdrawal Agreement And EU/UK Future Framework

During the latest session of the Exiting The European Union Committee, I questioned how Parliament could end up voting on contradictory things on withdrawal agreement and the EU/UK future framework. Continue reading

Magnitsky Amendments: Sunlight Is The Best Disinfectant

I pushed the Minister on the Magnitsky amendments. Full publication of names of human rights abusers and clarity on independent review mechanism are vital, if Bill is to succeed. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Continue reading

Committee For Exiting The European Union Grills David Davis

David Davis appeared before the Committee for Exiting the European Union and I grilled him on the nature of the Parliamentary motion on regarding the Withdrawal Agreement, the nature of the political declaration and asks if we are heading towards a constitutional crisis. Continue reading

Can He Assure Me That All Plans For The Baglan Prison Are Well And Truly On Hold

In the first Ministry of Justice question since I, along with two representatives from Stop NPT Prison group, met Rory Stewart in London, and off the back of the latest public meeting held in the Aberavon Beach Hotel, I pressed the Minister again on the government's plans to build a prison in Port Talbot. I also questioned him on the governments engagement with the Welsh Government's strategic review. I look forward to joining those meetings.  Continue reading

A Sector Deal For The Steel Industry

During a debate on industrial strategy, I called on the Government to start delivering a sector deal for the steel industry. It would be a massive boost for the steel works in my Aberavon constituency and for the wider steel making industry, turning it from surviving to thriving. The Government needs to come clean and let us know whether they are giving up on the steel industry or when they will approve the sector deal for steel.  Continue reading

I Refuse To Allow My Country Or My Party To Be Held Hostage By Vladimir Putin

Following the Prime Minister's decision to authorise air strikes in Syria over the weekend, Parliament had the chance to debate the Prime Minister's actions. I spoke about how the chemical weapons attach on innocent civilians was a brutal and barbaric act, that Parliament should have had a say in the action and that I refuse to allow our country's foreign policy to be determined by Vladimir Putin.  Continue reading

We Should Not Allow Putin To Use The World Cup As Smokescreen For His Crimes & To Bolster His Regime

I called on the Foreign Secretary to work with others around to world to postpone the World Cup, and relocate it to another country in 2019. Our government should be working with others to strip Russia of the FIFA World Cup & relocate it in 2019, after the Women's World Cup. Sport & politics DO mix & we should not allow Putin to use WC as smokescreen for his crimes & to bolster his regime. Continue reading