Tory broken promises on rail electrification show they don’t care about Wales

Responding to the shock announcement today that the electrification of the Great Western Main Line will not extend beyond Cardiff, Stephen Kinnock, Member of Parliament for Aberavon, said: “For years now the Tory government in Westminster has been promising that it will deliver full mainline rail electrification from Paddington to Swansea. Today we have seen that those promises were not worth the paper they were written on. The truth is that the Tories simply do not care about the people of Wales. Theresa May was able to find a £1 billion bung for the DUP to enable her to cling on to power, and she found £6 billion for high-speed rail in England, but when it comes to standing by her promises to the people of Wales on rail electrification - well, it's a very different story. Continue reading

Steel To Be Used In Type 26 Frigates

Commenting on reports following the tabling of his Written Questions regarding the steel to be used in Type-26 Frigates and announcements from BAE, Stephen Kinnock, Member of Parliament for Aberavon, home of the Port Talbot steelworks, said: Continue reading

Stephen Kinnock meets with Prisons Minister to raise local community concerns, leaving Minister in no doubt about strength of local feeling

Today (Wednesday 12 July) Aberavon MP Stephen Kinnock met with the Prisons Minister, Sam Gyimah, and senior Ministry of Justice Officials to discuss the proposed prison in Baglan, leaving them in no doubt about the opposition and concerns of the local community. Continue reading

Aberavon MP stands up for local residents and demands answers on the proposed local prison

Local Aberavon MP, Stephen Kinnock, today asked the Secretary of State for Wales to explain why the Baglan Industrial Park has been chosen as the location for the proposed Category C prison. Stephen Kinnock also asked why he has yet to receive any response to his letter to the Prisons Minister, Sam Gyimah, which was sent well over a month ago (on 23 March). Continue reading

We need a government that doesn’t treat our industry and communities as an afterthought in Brexit talks

Aberavon MP calls out government indifference to the British steel industry: we need a government that doesn’t treat our industry and communities as an afterthought in Brexit talks. Commenting on reports that, according to a government document, the British steel industry is to be considered a “low priority industry” for Brexit talks, Stephen Kinnock, Member of Parliament to Aberavon, home of the Port Talbot steelworks said: Continue reading


Commenting on the publication of the Government’s Green Paper on Industrial Strategy, Stephen Kinnock, the Member of Parliament for Aberavon said: “Today I announced the publication of the cross party APPG Steel 2020 report, which provides a blueprint for building a better future for the British steel industry, triggering a modern manufacturing renaissance, and forging a more resilient growth model for the UK economy. Continue reading

Aberavon MP launches APPG Industrial Strategy for Steel

  Stephen Kinnock, Member of Parliament for Aberavon and Chair of the Steel 2020 sub-committee of the All Party Parliamentary Group of Steel and Metal Related Industries, will today (Monday 23 January) publish the APPG's industrial strategy for steel: Steel 2020: Forging a future for the British steel industry. Continue reading

Aberavon MP Hails Jobs And Investment Commitments By Tata Steel, But Notes Real Concerns About Proposed Pension Changes

Commenting on the news that steel unions have achieved a commitment from Tata Steel to secure the future of jobs and investment at Port Talbot and across Strip Products UK, Stephen Kinnock, Member of Parliament for Aberavon said:  Continue reading

With Christmas Looming Large, It Really Is Time To Settle These Issues And End The Uncertainty Over The Future Of Strip Products UK And The Port Talbot Steelworks

Commenting on recent reports about the future of the Port Talbot steelworks and future investment, Stephen Kinnock, Member of Parliament for Aberavon said: “Tata Steel should end the uncertainty over the future of Strip Products UK and the Port Talbot steelworks. Continue reading

Boundary Changes Are An Act Of Constitutional Vandalism That Will Disenfranchise And Fracture Communities

  Aberavon MP, Stephen Kinnock, has warned that the changes to constituency boundaries will disenfranchise and fracture communities. Mr Kinnock was speaking in a debate in Parliament which looked to reverse the decision to reduce the number of MPs to 600. Pat Glass MP’s Bill, which will now get a Second Reading after MPs overwhelmingly voted in support of the Bill, seeks to amend the legislation passed in 2011 which reduces the number of MPs from 650 to 600. The Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act will see the number Welsh MPs cut from 40 to 29. Continue reading