Letter to Ministry of Justice - Proposed Prison

I have written a letter to the Ministry of Justice asking them to clarify several important questions and concerns raised by the local community. Continue reading

Plans to build a new prison in Port Talbot

Commenting on the Ministry of Justice announcement that they are due to build a new prison in Port Talbot, Stephen Kinnock MP said:  “The building of a prison in Port Talbot would bring much-needed construction work to the local area and in the long term would mean more jobs for the day-to-day running of the prison. Continue reading

Rebuilding trust

Photo: The Times / News Syndication For the Fabian Society I have written an article on how Labour’s long journey back to electoral relevance must start by rebuilding trust in our ability to manage the economy: Continue reading

Government’s PIP Changes Will Fail Those Who Need Most Support

Stephen Kinnock MP has condemned for the Government’s changes to Personal Independence Payments (PIP) saying the Government is failing those people who need the most help .In Aberavon 3613 people are on PIP. The Government have announced plans to cut £3.7bn from the disability benefit and to tighten the eligibility criteria for PIP. Continue reading

No reason to delay Government decision on Swansea Bay tidal lagoon

Together with Carolyn Harris MP, Stephen Crabb MP & Nick Clegg MP, I have written an article urge ministers to give the green light to the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon project. You can read the article here. Continue reading

Aberavon MP hails package to secure a sustainable future for the British steel industry and commitment of workforce

Commenting on today’s news that the Tata Steel UK workforce in Port Talbot and across the United Kingdom have voted to accept the deal to restructure the British Steel Pension Scheme and see Tata invest in the long term future of the UK business, Stephen Kinnock, Member of Parliament for Aberavon said: Continue reading

We need a government that doesn’t treat our industry and communities as an afterthought in Brexit talks

Aberavon MP calls out government indifference to the British steel industry: we need a government that doesn’t treat our industry and communities as an afterthought in Brexit talks. Commenting on reports that, according to a government document, the British steel industry is to be considered a “low priority industry” for Brexit talks, Stephen Kinnock, Member of Parliament to Aberavon, home of the Port Talbot steelworks said: Continue reading


Commenting on the publication of the Government’s Green Paper on Industrial Strategy, Stephen Kinnock, the Member of Parliament for Aberavon said: “Today I announced the publication of the cross party APPG Steel 2020 report, which provides a blueprint for building a better future for the British steel industry, triggering a modern manufacturing renaissance, and forging a more resilient growth model for the UK economy. Continue reading

Aberavon MP launches APPG Industrial Strategy for Steel

  Stephen Kinnock, Member of Parliament for Aberavon and Chair of the Steel 2020 sub-committee of the All Party Parliamentary Group of Steel and Metal Related Industries, will today (Monday 23 January) publish the APPG's industrial strategy for steel: Steel 2020: Forging a future for the British steel industry. Continue reading

Aberavon AM and MP condemn Plaid Cymru for playing politics with steelworkers' livelihoods

Commenting on recent interventions by Plaid Cymru in the on-going discussions about the future of Tata Steel, Aberavon AM David Rees and MP Stephen Kinnock said: “The proposals upon which steelworkers will vote in due course is the result of tough and lengthy negotiations. “We have always felt and said that the investment and job security elements of the package are constructive and positive, particularly given that only nine months ago Tata's intention was to sell the business. Continue reading