A Stand-Alone Customs Union Would Be A Disaster For The British Economy

Politics Home In many ways the two high-quality Indicative Votes debates on the UK-EU future relationship showed our Parliament at its very best. We knew what was at stake. The priority, most of us agreed, was to avert the catastrophe of No Deal Brexit, so it was incumbent upon all of us to help get a majority for at least one Brexit option. The unwritten rule was that each MP should not only vote for their preferred option, but for all the options they could live with. In this spirit Conservative MPs outside the cabinet were given a free vote, Labour MPs were whipped to support three options, and for a fleeting moment it looked like British politics was about to re-discover the lost art of compromise. Continue reading

Why Common Market 2.0 Beats The Backstop

Co-written with George Freeman Brexit has locked our politics in a devastating state of paralysis. Public trust is falling, the government is gridlocked and the nation is divided. This can’t go on. The Prime Minister has found herself tied up in knots as all her ill-advised red lines, and EU Referendum promises, prevent her from delivering a deal that can get through Parliament. Continue reading

Division has paralysed our politics - it's time for compromise

House Magazine There’s no doubt that Britain is a great country with so much going for it; economically, democratically, and culturally. But we are more divided than we have been at any time since the Second World War; young versus old, city versus town, graduate versus non-graduate. Continue reading

Stephen Kinnock Holds Fourth Annual Funding Fair

Stephen Kinnock’s Funding Fair is back for it’s fourth year with new advice providers signed on to give advice and help to groups and organisations looking for funding. This year’s event will be held in The Centre, Lodge Drive, Baglan, SA12 8UB on Friday 22 March between 10am and 1pm. Continue reading

Common Market 2.0 Is The Fastest Route To Brexit

Chatham House speech about the Common Market 2.0 plan Thank you Tom, Nick, Robin and everyone at Chatham House for organising this event. Thanks also to my fellow panelists today. We’re a motley crew, but it has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with you, and I am truly proud of the way in which we have left our party political tribalism aside, to work in the national interest. And thank you all, ladies and gentleman, for coming along today, early in the morning, for what I hope will prove to be an informative conversation about our proposal. We call it Common Market 2.0; Michel Barnier likes to call it Norway Plus. But either way, we think it is the best way forward that can win parliamentary support, and begin to reunite our deeply divided country. Continue reading

Second Referendum Supporters Must Be Upfront With The Public

House Magazine No single party has been responsible for the steady erosion of trust in politics that we have seen over recent decades. From New Labour’s invasion of Iraq on a false prospectus to the Lib Dems’ tuition fees deception to the litany of Tory broken promises on everything from industrial strategy to immigration targets, the trust gap was already dangerously deep and wide well before June 2016. Continue reading

How The Murky World Of Campaign Finance Must Change

LabourList Our democracy is crumbling. The EU referendum exposed many of Britain’s flaws, but perhaps none more so than our creaking system of campaign finance. Drip by drip we have learnt about the extent to which our democratic system has been flooded with ‘dodgy’ money and dirty data. First Cambridge Analytica, the disgraced big data company using harvested Facebook data to sell elections to the highest bidder – a scandal that saw Facebook receive the maximum fine of £500,000. Then there was Leave.EU – the unofficial Brexit campaign bankrolled by the insurance tycoon Arron Banks – which was recently found guilty of “multiple breaches of electoral law“, fined £70,000 and referred to the Metropolitan Police for suspected criminal offences. In July 2018, Vote Leave – the official Brexit campaign – was fined £61,000 for co-ordinating with BeLeave, which was in turn fined £20,000. Continue reading

Steelworkers Pensions Meeting

NOTIFICATION OF A PUBLIC MEETING FOR ALL THOSE WHO FEEL THEY MAY HAVE BEEN MIS-SOLD A PENSION TRANSFER IN AND AROUND PORT TALBOT Stephen Kinnock MP is attending a public meeting at the Twelve Knights Hotel in Margam, Port Talbot at 1530 on 1 Feb 2019 to discuss fresh and emerging concerns surrounding financial advice given to members of the British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS) to transfer out of their final salary pension.  Concerns have been highlighted by the Regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which conducted a major review last year and found that the majority of cases to transfer out of a final salary pension were unsuitable.  Continue reading

A 'Whole Nation' Party

Fabians British politics is in an unhealthy state of polarisation and paralysis. Small but vocal tribal groups sit at either end of the new political spectrum. At one end are the passionate, pro-EU, open border, globalist ultra-remainers. At the other end the hard Brexiteers, anti-European, closed border, nationalist, die-hard leavers. Neither seem too willing to compromise to break the Brexit impasse, and neither seem particularly determined to help reunite our deeply divided country. Continue reading

Aberavon MP Stephen Kinnock Welcomes UK Government Confirmation That Baglan Super-Prison Proposals Have Been Axed

Commenting on the news that Baglan is no longer being considered as a potential home of the new ‘super-prison’, MP for Aberavon Stephen Kinnock said: “This is fantastic news and a real victory for the people of Port Talbot. David Rees AM and I have been working hard with our constituents to make clear the reasons why Baglan was an utterly inappropriate location for a new super-prison, and I’m pleased that – after a campaign lasting almost two years – the UK government has admitted defeat. Continue reading