Don’t Ban Putin From Britain, But Russia Should Lose The World Cup

The Times Yesterday’s report into the death of Alexander Litvinenko was shocking and deeply disturbing. But it was not a big surprise, as we have always known that this terrible act had a connection to the Russian state. The government must now send a strong signal to Moscow: state-sponsored murder is an outrage, in the UK or any other country. Litvinenko’s murder was a blatant violation of British territory and sovereignty, and the prime minister, home secretary and foreign secretary must now convey a clear message to Moscow that this cold-blooded and cowardly assassination was completely unacceptable. Continue reading

Cheap Chinese Steel The Greatest Issue For Industry, Says MP

BBC Wales Online Dumping of Chinese steel is the greatest issue that the British steel industry faces, Aberavon Labour MP Stephen Kinnock has said. It follows Monday's announcement of more than 1,000 job losses at steel giant Tata, 750 in Port Talbot. He said: "The European Union sets the rules of the game - it's up to the member states to invoke those rules." Continue reading

A Disgrace That David Cameron Is Not Helping Our Steel Works

Mirror I am calling on the Government to guarantee they will buy British steel for these ships. These contracts are worth hundreds of jobs Continue reading

Why it's time to pull together to safeguard 'truly iconic' Port Talbot steelworks

Anyone who’s ever driven up or down the M4 between Cardiff and Swansea will have seen it – a vast industrial complex, with the two blast furnaces towering over the rest of the works, and the town of Port Talbot and the stunning Aberavon beach stretching off into the horizon. The Port Talbot steelworks is truly iconic, representing as it does the past, present and future of the Welsh and British steel industries. Continue reading

Time for Tata Steel, the workforce, the trade unions and the government to pull together

The Mirror Britain’s largest steelworks is at risk of closure with thousands of jobs at stake. Union leaders and local politicians are calling for bosses Tata to come up with an urgent rescue plan for Port Talbot, warning: “It is 10 minutes to midnight.” The plant in South Wales is the country’s biggest steel plant, employing 4,500 people and thousands more in the supply chain. Continue reading

Splits and reshuffles? Let’s not go there

The Guardian To say that 2015 was a difficult year for Labour party is an understatement. Still reeling from the crushing defeat at the ballot box in May, we rushed headlong into the most divisive leadership election in living memory and, from there, straight into a maelstrom of in-fighting, factionalism and acrimony. “Things,” as they say, “can only get better...” This will require large doses of maturity and common sense on both sides of the equation. Continue reading

Trading For Peace

I contributed a chapter to Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East's Making the progressive case for peace in Palestine and Israel: Labour Party policies to support the rule of law and human rights. My chapter is entitled Trading For Peace and you can read it below. Continue reading

Russia: A Genuine Reset

Outward To The World, Fabian Society A new relationship can be established with Russia by truly understanding its history, culture, interests and foreign policy objectives. This should form the the basis of a new doctrine – ‘respect-based realism’ – through which two deeply damaging conflicts that canonly feasibly be resolved through dialogue with Russia might be tackled: Ukraine and Syria. Continue reading

Partners For A New Kind Of Growth

Progress Over the course of the last parliament the Labour party made several attempts to create a new narrative on the economy, and to stimulate a debate around the role of business within that narrative. Phrases such as ‘responsible capitalism’ and ‘pro-business, but not pro-business as usual’ were the watchwords. But they failed to gain traction, and the broad perception across the British electorate on 7 May was that the Labour party was lacking competence on the economy, and was somehow ‘anti-business’. Continue reading

15 Questions With Stephen Kinnock

Huffington Post Having a famous name can be a curse and a blessing. To many, when you hear the name Kinnock, the image of former Labour leader Neil immediately springs to mind. But if his son Stephen carries on in his current trajectory then a new generation may well defer to the Aberavon MP when the name Kinnock is mentioned. Elected in May with a 10,445 majority, Stephen wasted no time in establishing his own voice in the Labour Party. He claimed US President Barack Obama wanted to do "nothing" on the world stage, and this autumn published a pamphlet saying Labour needed to claim the Union Jack back from Ukip. If his surname wasn't Kinnock, Stephen would no doubt be heralded as one of the great discoveries of the new Labour intake. However, anyone who cites the Stereophonics as their favourite band should perhaps be held back from the highest levels of public office. Here is Stephen Kinnock's 15 from '15: Continue reading