We Must Not Go Back To Wilderness Years Of 1980s

Sun On Sunday When the exit poll appeared on our screens at 10pm on May 7, the floor gave way beneath the Labour Party. Like me, every candidate, activist and supporter felt a sickening sense of disappointment and disbelief. It got worse than we all feared – when we got a majority Conservative Government. Where did it all go wrong? For me, the fundamental weakness in our last five years was we talked a lot about what we were against but little about what we were for. We rightly expressed our outrage about growing inequality and injustice but did not speak enough to people’s hopes or ambitions. Continue reading

A New Nation

Jeremy Corbyn’s meteoric rise to the leadership has had a profound and far-reaching impact on the Labour Party, and on the political landscape more broadly. Throughout his impressive and highly effective leadership campaign Jeremy made it clear that he wishes to initiate a truly open, inclusive and constructive conversation about the Labour Party’s future: how can we craft an inspiring new vision and narrative? What should our new policy priorities be? What needs to be done if we are to construct a plan that will enable the Labour Party re-gain the trust of the British people, become an effective opposition, and ultimately return to government in 2020? A New Nation: building a United Kingdom of Purpose, Patriotism and Resilience is my ‘starter for ten’ contribution to the debate that Jeremy has launched. In it I argue that the UK’s economic, social and constitutional foundations are cracking beneath our feet, and that the Labour Party now has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to set out a reform programme that is ambitious, radical, and built to last. Continue reading