Jobs: my vision and plan for Aberavon:

I will work with local councillors,businesses, trade unions, the Welsh Assembly and Westminster to promote Aberavon as an attractive destination for investment, business and employment;

My commitment to public services:

The hard-working people who run our schools, hospitals and other public services form the backbone of our community. They are an inspiration to us all, and yet they are constantly undermined by this Tory-led coalition. I'll work alongside the trade unions, and will campaign tirelessly to protect and support our public services and the professionals who provide them.

Putting Aberavon in the spotlight:

I understand how UK, and international decision makers think, and I will use that understanding to raise Aberavon's profile on the national, European and global stage;

Dialogue and listening at the heart of everything I do:

Over the years we have seen a growing sense of disengagement from democratic politics. This is very dangerous, as it reduces the strength of the community and opens the door to the likes of UKIP and other extremists. Politicians must therefore listen more and have greater accountability. 

As your MP I will be:

  • a highly visible and in-touch local MP. I will make a home in Aberavon and will have a fully-staffed office in the Constituency. I'll hold regular surgeries, and will use my campaigning and organisational skills to provide active, accessible, continual service to constituents;
  • a high profile and effective Member of Parliament. I will use my experience outside politics to be a strong voice for Aberavon in Westminster;
  • a team player. I will work closely with our outstanding AM David Rees and our brilliant team of Labour councillors to deliver for Aberavon.