Speeches and Questions

Single Market Must Be Central To Any Brexit Deal

The Single Market must be central to any Brexit deal: it would mean close economic ties but leaving political union. When I questioned the Prime Minister on the importance of Single Market membership for workers' rights, the integrity of the union and for the services sector, she suggested there is another way to protect Services (80% of economy), but refused to share her cunning plan! Then said we should leave to Tories to protect workers’ rights! Continue reading

British Steel Pension Scheme Transfer Debate

Thousands of honest, hardworking steelworkers in my Aberavon constituency and across the country were left exposed to opportunistic and unscrupulous financial advisers. They sought to exploit the steelworkers when they were forced to decide whether to move to the British Steel Pension Scheme 2 or transfer out into another pension scheme. So far £1.8 million in compensation has been paid out to 61 steelworkers who have been missold pensions. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Around eight thousand steelworkers transferred out and more than half received unsuitable advice. In a Westminster Hall debate on the scandal I set out how we can get justice. Continue reading

There Needs To Be A Viable Leave Option On The Ballot Paper Versus Remain

During the second round of indicative votes I intervened in the debate to say that if we do have a confirmatory vote then a viable leave option needs to be on the ballot paper.   Continue reading

Hierarchy Of Chaos

The chaos that has been unleashed by the Government's handling of Brexit has been laid bare for all to see, so in the Commons chamber I challenged the Tories on the way their voted during the indicative votes. Continue reading

Indicative Votes: Common Market 2.0

When Parliament had it's opportunity to debate alternative Brexit deals, I set out the arguments for Common Market 2.0 in the House, as lead sponsor of the amendment. Common Market 2.0 brings together Leavers and Remainers, and three different parties. Common Market 2.0 can get us out of this crisis and reunite our divided country. Continue reading

Calling For A Meeting With Minister Over Post-Brexit Funding

As Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Post-Brexit Funding for Nations, Regions and Local Areas, I called on the Minister to meet with the Group to discuss the findings of our report. Our report called for UK Shared Prosperity Fund to pay "not be a penny less" than current EU funding & warned against Westminster power grab. Continue reading

Enforcing The Minimum Wage

Since the Minimum Wage was introduced by Labour in 1998 only 14 employers have been prosecuted by HMRC for not paying it. In Treasury questions I asked the Chancellor about boosting the capacity of HMRC to prosecute employers who are failing to pay the National Minimum Wage.  Continue reading

We Are A Proud, Unique Community In Aberavon, Even Banksy Picked Us Out

In this years St David's Day debate I decided to speak about the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, steelworkers pensions, steel procurement, Personal Independence Payments and of course Banksy! Continue reading

Mineworkers' Pension Scheme Is A Burning Injustice That Must Be Righted Immediately

My colleague Stephanie Peacock MP secured a debate calling for the Government to revise the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme, which has seen billions taken away from miners and their families. I am truly proud, as the grandson of a coal miner, to have been in the chamber to support this debate and said that this was a burning injustice that needed to be righted immediately.  Continue reading

Prime Minister's Deal Is A Bridge To Nowhere

The Prime Minister's deal is a bridge to nowhere. Common Market 2.0 offers a clear, stable & exciting future outside EU. It safeguards jobs and workers rights, offers new controls over free movement, would mean leaving the European Court of Justice, Common Fisheries Policy and Common Agricultural Policy, and it would remove the need to ever activate the Irish backstop. Let's get behind this strong compromise! Continue reading