Speeches and Questions

Government Outrageously Ploughing Ahead With Boundary Review Based On Electoral Register With Millions Missing

I challenged the Leader of the House over the millions missing from the electoral register that is being used to draw up the new constituency boundaries. It's outrageous that the government is ploughing ahead with a boundary review on the basis of the 2015 electoral register, thus omitting the 2.1 million people who have registered to vote since then. Blatant abuse of democracy. Continue reading

Devastating 90% Drop In Inward Investment Into The UK Caused By Profound Market Uncertainty That Brexit Has Triggered

During Prime Ministers Questions I questioned Theresa May on her Brexit plan as recent figures, released by the OECD, showed a devastating 90% drop in inward investment to the UK between 2016-2017. This has been caused by profound market uncertainty that Brexit has triggered. It's vital we reverse this market uncertainty and secure industries such as steel, which is why I urged the Prime Minister to keep an open mind on an EEA-based Brexit, as the only way to reverse that uncertainty. Continue reading

Urgent Question On Gaza

I participated in the Urgent Questions on Gaza today, pushing the Minister on the fact that condemnation of Israel with words alone is of little use. I challenged him to support banning trade with businesses operating out of the illegally occupied territories of the West Bank. Continue reading

Magnitsky Amendments: Sunlight Is The Best Disinfectant

I pushed the Minister on the Magnitsky amendments. Full publication of names of human rights abusers and clarity on independent review mechanism are vital, if Bill is to succeed. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Continue reading

I Refuse To Allow My Country Or My Party To Be Held Hostage By Vladimir Putin

Following the Prime Minister's decision to authorise air strikes in Syria over the weekend, Parliament had the chance to debate the Prime Minister's actions. I spoke about how the chemical weapons attach on innocent civilians was a brutal and barbaric act, that Parliament should have had a say in the action and that I refuse to allow our country's foreign policy to be determined by Vladimir Putin.  Continue reading

We Should Not Allow Putin To Use The World Cup As Smokescreen For His Crimes & To Bolster His Regime

I called on the Foreign Secretary to work with others around to world to postpone the World Cup, and relocate it to another country in 2019. Our government should be working with others to strip Russia of the FIFA World Cup & relocate it in 2019, after the Women's World Cup. Sport & politics DO mix & we should not allow Putin to use WC as smokescreen for his crimes & to bolster his regime. Continue reading

Prime Ministers Brexit Red Lines Are Leading Us Inexorably Towards A Hard Border On The Island Of Ireland

The Prime Minister gave her latest statement to the House on the Brexit negotiations, following her meeting with the EU Council. I asked her about her Brexit red lines and the impact they would have on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  Continue reading

We Need The Westminster Government To Change Their Attitude Towards Wales

In the delayed House of Commons debate to mark St David's Day, I spoke about how the Tories stand by while Welsh Labour stands up for Wales. We need a government that will support our steel industry, give the go ahead to the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon, stop the ill-judged plans for a Baglan prison, ensure fair funding for Wales and a Brexit that can reunite our country. Continue reading

Cambridge Analytica

During an urgent question in the House over the revelations surrounding Cambridge Analytica, I asked about the role of Cambridge Analytica in the Brexit referendum and the implications for the referendum result are if it is revealed that Cambridge Analytica and Leave.EU broke electoral law.  Continue reading

Managing Customs At The Border After Brexit

I asked the Minister what the government are doing to be ready at the border in Dover after Brexit, and his response exposed how unprepared the government are for managing customs at the border after Brexit. Continue reading