Speeches and Questions

My Question About The Brexit Implementation Period

I questioned the Brexit Minister about the nature of the Brexit transition period. The response I had was sad and pathetic, where the Minister tried to impugn my motives. Continue reading

Creation Of BSPS2 Created Fertile Territory For Unscrupulous Pension Advisers To Swoop In Like Vultures And Exploit Vulnerable People

My colleague, Debbie Abrahams, secured an urgent question in the House on stopping the abuse of private sector pensions. I spoke in the debate on how the creation of the British Steel pension scheme mark 2 created fertile ground for unscrupulous pension advisers to prey on vulnerable people.  Continue reading

Financial Guidance And Claims Bill Should Take Steps To Improve The Early Warning System So Regulators Can Be More Proactive

Today the Commons debated the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill (Lords). In the debate I spoke about the lessons we need to learn from the transfer of the British Steel pension scheme into a new scheme, and the need for an early warning system so the regulator can be more proactive when unscrupulous individuals take advantage of vulnerable people.  Continue reading

Government's Refusal To Include Charter of Fundamental Rights Strips Us Of Vital Civil And Workplace Rights And Protections

During the debate on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, I exposed the lie at the heart of the Tory Bill. They claim the Bill is about transferring EU law into UK law to facilitate Brexit, but by refusing to include the Charter of Fundamental Rights it is clear that this is really just a Tory power grab that strips us of vital civil and workplace rights and protections. Continue reading

Carillion Is A Textbook Example Of The Privatisation Of Profit And The Socialisation Of Risk

During a Government statement on Carillion I questioned the Cabinet Office Minister, saying that the Carillion collapse shows that it is time for us to impose a windfall tax on these kind of companies who are taking taxpayers for a ride to the tune of billions of pounds. Government must do better. Continue reading

Trade Bill Debate

As Parliament debated Trade Bill I intervened and said that Government needs to amend the Bill to give unions, business and the devolved governments a say in the kind of trade defence and trade policies that we purse. It is vital we have a proper process to secure best deals for Britain and to support industry. Continue reading

Taxation Cross-Border Trade Bill, If Passed In Its Current Form, Would Fatally Undermine The British Manufacturing Sector

As Parliament reconvened after the Christmas recess we hit the ground running with the Taxation (Cross-border) Trade Bill. This seeks to establish a new post-Brexit trade defence regime, but as I said in my speech in the House, in it's current form it would fatally undermine the British manufacturing sector, including the steel industry in my Aberavon constituency. You can read my speech below.  Continue reading

It Is Our Duty As Parliamentarians To Express The Mind Of The People On All Matters

In one of the last debates before Christmas, I spoke in favour of Amendment 43 to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill which would give Parliament the power to control the length and basic terms of transitional arrangements, and would allow Parliament to start the clock on the sunset clauses within the Bill. Continue reading

Steel Sector Deal Debate

I secured a debate in Westminster Hall on a steel sector deal. In the debate I argued that we need the government to approve the steel sector deal & radically reshape the energy market, but they have done nothing. This is about defending our communities & building a successful industrial strategy, and we cannot do that unless we stand up for steel. Continue reading

Jurisdiction Of European Court Of Justice Will Apply In Precisely The Same Way Now As It Will During The Transition Period

As the Prime Minister returned to the House to update us on her meeting with the European Council I asked her about the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. The Prime Minister confirmed what we already knew, that transition would mean everything staying the same, only without us having any say at all including full jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice... So much for taking back control! Continue reading