Welsh Affairs Committee

My Submission To The Welsh Affairs Committee's Inquiry Into Prison Provision In Wales

The Welsh Affairs Committee is holding an inquiry into prison provision in Wales and one aspect they are looking at is the potential for new prisons in Wales. I have made a submission to the inquiry, focusing on the proposals for Port Talbot. You can read my submission below.  Continue reading

Welsh Affairs Committee - Questions To The Secretary of State

Today the Secretary of State for Wales appeared in front of the Welsh Affairs Committee and I was able to question him on the replacement of the Energy Intensive Industries Compensation Package; steel procurement; and lessons for social services in England to learn from social services in Wales.  Continue reading

Steel: Preserving sustainable jobs and growth in Europe

  Five committees (Business, Innovation & Skills, Energy & Climate Change, European Scrutiny, Welsh Affairs, and Work & Pensions) grilled Anna Soubry on steel and the impact of a Brexit. Topics included the lesser duty rule, steel exports to Europe, Chinese dumping, state aid, and the pension scheme going into the pension protection fund. You can read my contribution to the debate below: Continue reading

Welsh Affairs Committee - Steel Evidence Session

Welsh Affairs Committee - Steel Evidence Session Wednesday 10th February 2016 Last Wednesday I questioned Anna Soubry the Minister for Small Business, Industry and Enterprise on steel during the Welsh Affairs Committee.   Continue reading