Welcome to my website where you can find out the latest news and campaigns from Aberavon and my contributions in Parliament.

I hold regular surgeries across the constituency, you can find out more details about these on the Events page. I also produce a monthly e-newsletter which you can sign up to here.

Over the coming months I want to transform the MP’s office into a hub of community activity, based around coffee mornings, discussion forums and community engagement projects. I'll be hosting a range of coffee mornings and forums to meet and engage with the local community to hear their thoughts on the future of Aberavon. In the forums I aim to provide advice and help on matters like reducing fuel costs and to encourage investment into the constituency.

Latest News

Jo Cox Tribute

Mr Speaker, Jo and I have been friends for over twenty years, and we have had a wonderful 12 months sharing an office since our election last May. Jo used to use my cupboard as her wardrobe, and I will never forget her dashing around in her cycling gear, grabbing her clothes and shouting something over her... Read more

My Friend Jo Cox

Yesterday Jo Cox was murdered doing what she has dedicated her life to: serving the people. Before entering Parliament, Jo fought tirelessly for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged around the world. And in her year in Parliament Jo showed tremendous leadership, standing up for the Syrian people, working across party...

Benefits of EU Membership - Opposition Day Debate

It is a pleasure to follow the hon. Member for Aldridge-Brownhills (Wendy Morton). I congratulate her on making absolutely the right choice about the referendum. The decision facing the electorate on 23 June is a choice between economic security and global influence inside the EU or a leap in the... Read more