Welcome to my website where you can find out the latest news and campaigns from Aberavon and my contributions in Parliament.

I hold regular surgeries across the constituency, you can find out more details about these on the Events page. I also produce a monthly e-newsletter which you can sign up to here.

Over the coming months I want to transform the MP’s office into a hub of community activity, based around coffee mornings, discussion forums and community engagement projects. I'll be hosting a range of coffee mornings and forums to meet and engage with the local community to hear their thoughts on the future of Aberavon. In the forums I aim to provide advice and help on matters like reducing fuel costs and to encourage investment into the constituency.

Latest News

We must develop a new approach to immigration and freedom of movement

Fabian Policy Report     The result of the EU referendum revealed a divided Britain: 52 per cent voted to leave in a rejection of a status quo that hasn’t worked for them in decades. People decided to ‘take back control’, even though they knew there’d be economic consequences. For... Read more

My cure for a divided Britain? A programme of managed immigration

The Guardian The EU referendum revealed a divided Britain and it’s clear: nothing polarises attitudes like immigration. One end believes it’s a universal good – economically and as a real-life expression of British openness. At the other, immigration is seen as the cause of changes many people believe have relegated... Read more

Expansion Of Heathrow Is The Only Right Answer For The Economy Of Wales

Stephen Kinnock (Aberavon): What assessment he has made of the effect of the result of the EU referendum on the timetable for a decision on Heathrow expansion. The Secretary of State for Transport (Chris Grayling): The Prime Minister will begin the negotiation for Britain’s future relationship with the EU and... Read more