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Stand Up For Steel

Stephen Kinnock MP has spoken out in support of Tata Steelworkers in Port Talbot who voted by a large majority yesterday in favour of industrial action over Tata’s refusal to negotiate over the Early Retirement Clause. 88% of those balloted voted in favour of action nationally, with the figure even higher in Port Talbot at 95%. The turnout was similarly large, with 76% voting nationally and 84% in Port Talbot. Continue reading

All Of The Leadership Candidates Are Good, But There's Something About Mary...

New Statesman Far too much gets written and said about leadership. Untold volumes of books and learned articles gather dust on shelves; countless biographies, autobiographies and profile pieces attempt to present a forensic analysis of the inner workings of the leader’s mind and character, and to define the must-have qualities of the Great & The Good. So, let’s for once just keep it simple, shall we? The Labour Party needs a leader who has the right values and instincts, strong communication skills, solid experience and a deep understanding of the fact that we must now make a definitive break with the past, and move on from the tired old debates about Old versus New, Blair versus Brown. Continue reading

Beast Of Bryn 2015

Stephen is running in the Beast Of Bryn on Saturday and raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Click on the link below to donate. Continue reading

PM On A Hiding To Nothing On Europe

Listen to Stephen on Westminster Hour speak about the Labour leadership contest, the European referendum and the European Convention on Human Rights. Continue reading

Renewal Will Take Longer Without Debate

In today's Guardian Stephen, along with fellow new MP Jo Cox, has called on Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper to release some of their excess nominations to allow other contenders to get through the ballot. With more candidates a more robust debate can take place which is crucial for the Labour party is to renew. Continue reading

Election fever hit St Joseph's with Stephen Kinnock questioned over politics

Evening Post ELECTION fever hit a Port Talbot school, when a parliamentary candidate - now the town's MP - visited to speak to children. Ahead of the May 7 General Election, Stephen Kinnock visited St Joseph's RC Comprehensive and Sixth form to speak to a group of year 10, 11, 12 and 13 students. The discussion consisted of topics such as the likely outcome of the general election and a day in the life of a candidate. Continue reading

We Need To Think Radically

Guardian Stephen Kinnock was having “a pint and a few sandwiches” in the Aberavon Wizards rugby club when the exit poll came through at 10pm on election night, to be met with a gasp, as in so many places around the country. As Labour’s candidate for the local seat of Aberavon, Kinnock’s thoughts inevitably turned to his own race, as well as the national result. Happily, though this was his first parliamentary campaign, there were a couple of old hands around with whom to discuss events. Among them was his father Neil – now Lord – Kinnock, who had lived through not one but two nights like this as Labour party leader, at least one of them, in 1992, every bit as painful. Continue reading

Fairness, Strong Communities And Aspiration - That's The Future Of The Labour Party

Listen to Stephen speak to Steve Richards of the Independent on The Week In Westminster on what he thinks for the future of the Labour Party and what he is looking for in a leader. Continue reading