Committee For Exiting The European Union Hears From Guy Verhofstadt

Guy Verhofstadt, chief Brexit representative for the European parliament, appeared before the Committee for Exiting the European Union. I asked him about the Irish border, and EEA and EFTA. Continue reading

Parliamentary Constituency Boundaries

The Tory boundary review is a barefaced gerrymander. Ministers must now stop using backstairs manoeuvres to block Afzal Khan’s private members bill, which would re-boot the review and command cross-party support. Continue reading

EEA Based Brexit Is The Only Viable Option

In my speech in the Chamber yesterday, I set out why an EEA-based Brexit is the only viable option: it balances sovereignty and prosperity, reforms free movement, and is ready-made model that would re-unite our deeply divided country. I've been banging this drum for 18 months and I'll keep going! Continue reading

EEA/EFTA Based Brexit

The EU Withdrawal Bill is expected to return to the Commons on Tuesday 12 June. As you know, the Lords passed a number of important amendments. Those amendments include membership of a customs union and UK membership of the European Economic Area (EEA). Click here for a briefing with useful information about the EEA and EFTA. Continue reading

Committee For Exiting The European Union Hears About Citizens' Rights

The Committee heard evidence from Fiona Godfrey, Chair, British Immigrants living in Luxembourg (BRILL), and Deputy Chair of British in Europe; Jane Golding, Co-Chair, British in Germany, and Chair of British in Europe; Michael Harris, Chair, EuroCitizens, Spain; and Kalba Meadows, Founder, Remain in France Together (RIFT), France. I asked about the free movement of people across the European Union for UK citizens living on the continent.  Continue reading

Urgent Question On Steel Tariffs

I asked the Trade Secretary what steps he is taking to appeal to the US Congress members whose states will be most affected by the inevitable job losses that Trump's tariffs will cause, & whether he will address the APPG on steel on the wider actions he is taking Continue reading

Letter To Claire Perry On Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon

I, along with Carolyn Harris MP, wrote to Claire Perry MP, Minister of State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, calling for an urgent meeting to discuss the reports that the Government is set to reject the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon. You can read our letter here: Continue reading

Government Ministers Appear Before Committee For Exiting The EU

Ministers from the Department for Exiting The European Union appeared before the Committee to answer questions about the progress of UK-EU negotiations, including the Government’s customs union proposals on customs arrangements. 2019 will be a year of huge political and institutional 'churn' in Brussels, with European Parliament elections in May and a new Commission taking office in autumn. Substantial talks on the future (post-transition) relationship will therefore only start in earnest in autumn 2019. I asked how the government is planning to respond to the dramatically squeezed time frame and severely reduced leverage that this will cause? Continue reading

Letter To FCA On Rosneft

I wrote to the Financial Conduct Authority calling on them to reconsider the legitimacy of Russian oil major Rosneft’s listing on the London Stock Exchange. It damages public trust in our institutions when an organisation based on assets acquired unlawfully can benefit from the City of London. Rosneft is not just a tool of Russian foreign policy: it’s built on property brutally expropriated from the Yukos Oil Company. You can read my letter here: Continue reading

Government Outrageously Ploughing Ahead With Boundary Review Based On Electoral Register With Millions Missing

I challenged the Leader of the House over the millions missing from the electoral register that is being used to draw up the new constituency boundaries. It's outrageous that the government is ploughing ahead with a boundary review on the basis of the 2015 electoral register, thus omitting the 2.1 million people who have registered to vote since then. Blatant abuse of democracy. Continue reading