Job Advert: Administrative Officer (London)

Stephen Kinnock MP is looking to employ an Administrative Officer for his busy Westminster office, on a permanent part-time contract for 22 hours a week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). More details below Continue reading

Demolition Of Khan Al-Ahmar

It is devastating to see destruction of Khan Al-ahmar. Two years ago I visited and met many wonderful people doing their best to live in peace. It is time to recognise Palestine and to impose sanctions and cease all trade with the illegally occupied territories. I called on the Government to do this in Parliament.  Continue reading

This Is Not Project Fear, This Is Happening Right Here, Right Now

"This is not Project Fear, this is happening right here, right now." My question to the Prime Minister, highlighting massive drop in investment in automotive, plummeting FDI, and urging her to commit to an EEA-based Brexit Continue reading

Contaminated Blood Inquiry

This appalling contaminated blood scandal has blighted the lives of many, including some of my constituents. That the inquiry is finally getting underway is very good news, although it has taken us far too long to get here. Vital now that the Government co-operates fully with the inquiry. Continue reading

Russian Federation activity in the UK and globally

In a Westminster Hall debate I argued that Britain must engage with Russia as it is, and not how we would like it to be. We must understand the history, culture, interests and foreign policy objectives of this vast nation, whilst also being absolutely clear, strong and resolute in the face of Russian aggression. Continue reading

Leaving the EU: Parliamentary Scrutiny

There is a real risk that MPs are forced to vote on a 'motherhood and apple pie' Brexit bill this October, with loose wording that means very little, and so forces us to gamble on our government's competence. Would require a huge leap of faith! Continue reading

Tidal Lagoon Announcement: People Of Aberavon See This As Another Betrayal Of The People Of Wales

I called on the Secretary of State to publish cost benefit analysis for the steel industry after the Government's announcement not to support the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon. The people of Aberavon see this as another betrayal of the people of Wales, they also understand that the project would've had huge benefits for the steel industry and the supply chain. Continue reading

Committee For Exiting The European Union Hears From Guy Verhofstadt

Guy Verhofstadt, chief Brexit representative for the European parliament, appeared before the Committee for Exiting the European Union. I asked him about the Irish border, and EEA and EFTA. Continue reading

Parliamentary Constituency Boundaries

The Tory boundary review is a barefaced gerrymander. Ministers must now stop using backstairs manoeuvres to block Afzal Khan’s private members bill, which would re-boot the review and command cross-party support. Continue reading

EEA Based Brexit Is The Only Viable Option

In my speech in the Chamber yesterday, I set out why an EEA-based Brexit is the only viable option: it balances sovereignty and prosperity, reforms free movement, and is ready-made model that would re-unite our deeply divided country. I've been banging this drum for 18 months and I'll keep going! Continue reading